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701 Oakland Blvd. Cambridge

701 Oakland Blvd. Cambridge


Type: Two Story

Location: 701 Oakland BLVD

City: Cambridge

State: Ohio

Bedrooms: 3

Square Footage: 1400

Price: 1200.00


     please emial us the info below through the APPLICATION TAB or just email:

    1. How many people is this for?

    2.How old is each person?

    3. Any children full time or part time?

    4. Where is each adult employeed?

    5. What is your budget?

    6. What is your desired move in date?

    7. Any animlas? ( what kind , how many lbs, attach photo )

    8. How many vehicles and thier make

    Once we recieve your personal info from above we can then see which location will best suit you. Once the location is  agreed upon , you will be sent a Zillow application, per adult, $30.00 each, in order to start the process. We hope we are able to help you! 

    *FYI: The more personal info you are able to give the better 








  • UTILITIES: Gas, electric, water , yard, trash

    Nice corner lot, Close to shopping and restaurants, and Interstate 

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